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Mindful Walking in the British Countryside

 Discover The Secrets Of Our Countryside Through Canine Eyes

Follow Shep and Bruno as we explore the special areas of the countryside right on our doorstep'.

Join Bruno, as he continues to grow up and learn about being a responsible dog in a very human world.

Accompany Julie as she seeks to dissolve the interface between we humans and our natural environment

Walk - Understand -  Nurture

Wheat Field

Paws Outdoors

The British Countryside is made up of   thousands of special places, many of which we visit on a regular basis  and yet, we know so little about them. Follow Shep and Bruno on a journey to find out about  the special places 'down our way'.


Bruno is a young and inexperienced welsh sheep dog who is always  eager to explore the big wide world. Follow him as he attempts to become  a well adjusted and responsible 'adult' (dog).

Earth Matters

Every one of us interacts with our environment every day. To look after our Earth, we need to understand and strengthen our connection with it.

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