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Exploring the British Countryside

Hidden in plain sight, the British Countryside boasts thousands of special places visited by so many but understood by far fewer.


Join Bruno and Shep as they reveal the hidden secret of all those special places on our doorsteps.

Follow Bruno as he takes his puppy steps into adult life

Embrace Nature and learn things that you never knew that you needed to know!

Wheat Field

Paws Outdoors

The British Countryside boasts thousands of special places, many of which we visit on a regular basis and yet we don't always know much about them. Follow Shep and Bruno to find out more about  the special places 'down your way'.


Bruno is a young and inexperienced puppy eager to explore the big wide world. Follow him as he learns how to be a well adjusted and responsible 'adult' (dog).

Earth Matters

Every one of us interacts with our environment every day. To look after our Earth, we need to understand and strengthen our connection with it.

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