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  • Julie Muller

Last Looks And First Glimpses

It has been such a long time since Shep and I have had a chance to put paws to paper. In fact, the last time I added a post, we were living over 300 miles away in Worcestershire.

Back in June, our human, Antony, applied for a job working up in the North-East of England,

and, when he was successful in getting the job, everything seemed to change.

Shep and I hadn’t got a clue what was happening, and it was all a bit stressful to be honest.

Throughout all those long hot days of summer, our humans seemed so preoccupied with the house and garden. They spent so much time tidying, cleaning and clearing it. When they weren’t working on the house, we seemed to spend a considerable time whizzing up and down the motorways to places we had never been to before . We visited historic towns, wild open countryside with babbling brooks, and magnificent vast sandy beaches. But although it was very interesting, it all seemed a bit scary. We just didn’t know what was going on.

Our humans seemed very excited at the prospect of moving to Northumberland, but they also seemed to be equally sad to leave Malvern behind. After all, they had lived there for over fifteen years.

But Shep and I still had to have our daily walks and as the summer advanced, Julie made every attempt to revisit some of the amazing places that we already knew and loved so much - as well as to explore new ones – both in the Midlands and up in Northumberland.

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