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Puppy School - Clicker and Treats Week One

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Sunday mornings are usually laid back in our household but today was different because today Julie took me to puppy school (run by the Malvern and District Dog Training club).There were five other puppies in the class apart from me. Six sets of chairs were arranged around a large hall so that our humans could socially distance. There was lots of talking in the first class, so I was glad that Julie had brought a blanket for me to lie on. I lay down and looked at the other puppies. There were two Labradors, one golden and one black, a cockapoo, a little Yorkshire terrier and a Border Collie which seemed to be awfully shy. During our first class, Julie was given a small rectangular object called a clicker and all of our humans were shown how to use this as a training tool. The training exercises today were really easy. We had to sit and to lie down. When we got it right our humans ‘clicked’ and gave us a treat. It was great fun.

Between each class we were given homework to do. The main thing that we had to practise this week was our loose lead walking. Our humans were advised not to walk us too much because it could damage our physical development, but it is important for us to interact with other puppies and dogs too. I love socialising with other dogs and their humans.

Bruno the red welsh sheep dog waits for the next training exercise during puppy class
Bruno - first week of puppy school

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