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  • Julie Muller

ST WULSTAN'S - A Site for All Seasons

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

At the end of a long day, when our humans are feeling weary and the prospect of a steep climb doesn't appeal, St Wulstan's is their favourite place to visit.

I have visited it with all of my dog mates - Zak, Pumpkin and Bruno and it seems to have different things to offer every time we go there.

In the winter, the bright red berries and dark green conifers contrast with the silver ice and soft white snow. Zak and I always used to play at shattering all of the puddles and drinking the ice-cold water.

When spring comes the bare earth is transformed into an intricate carpet of warm lemon primroses, delicate white snowdrops, and dusky blue bluebells. The birds are busy 'courting' and building their nests whilst the air is heavy with perfume and birdsong.

In summer the meadows boast a myriad of wildflowers visited by squadrons of brightly coloured flying insects. Everything smells so wonderful both to us and our humans.

Today in Autumn the Nature Reserve is preparing for winter. The trees are alive with scuttling squirrels, the ground is carpeted with rich chestnut-coloured leaves and all of the bushes and shrubs are laden with berries and fruit.

As we walked around the reserve, we were aware of the warm smells of autumn as nature's recyclers were hard at work. Bruno's nose was working overtime. At only six months old, he has yet to experience all of the seasons.

We stopped for a game of frisbee with our humans in the meadow. Six cattle were munching the grass by the stream, four of them jet black and two of them the colour of conkers. As we played, they edged closer to us, but we didn't take any notice of them. These animals have such an important job to do as their grazing will ensure that the meadow will be as rich in wildflowers next summer as it was this year.

We soon grew tired and headed for home - We love St.Wulstans as do all the other dogs that come here. Julie popped our used dog bags into one of the two bins by the car park - it is a shame that not all of canine friends' humans do the same!

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