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Bru No!!! - What Bruno did next!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Well, I am now seven months young. Life is so exciting – most of the time - unless Julie is typing into that annoying laptop.

I am having a few problems understanding what the right thing to do is at the moment. For instance, Julie always prepares our meals on the work surface in the kitchen so surely that means any of the nice things that are on the worktop are for me too. Although I am not really hungry, the wonderful smells of all of the food makes my mouth water and I can’t resist jumping up to take a closer look – and even a mouthful is possible. Mmmmm!

I have eaten quite a lot of things that I shouldn’t have – bread rolls, egg baguette, flapjacks – I even tried to see what paracetamol tastes like . I destroyed the box and managed to pierce the foil backing – but the white object inside just didn’t taste very nice at all, so I think my humans can keep those – Why would anyone eat such foul-tasting foods?

When Julie found out she was both worried and cross. She looked up the effects of paracetamol on dogs and discovered that I had not eaten enough to cause problems. However, she kept an annoyingly very close eye on me for the rest of the day!!

I have a new friend who, like me, is also called Bruno. He is very slightly younger than me and we play and wrestle with each other whenever we meet. It is fantastic fun.

It also gives Shep a rest – I am always ready for a game and sometimes Shep just wants to be left in peace.

I am always so excited to go out on my walks – and I often bark and bite at Shep in my excitement - He doesn’t like it very much I am afraid, and Julie gets quite short with me. Everything is a competition, and I don’t like Shep winning – even getting out of the car at the end of a drive. I know that I need to calm down but why does Shep always get out of the car first ? – it’s just not fair.

Anyway – I am only young – and I suppose that I must learn my place in the pecking order.

Shep and Bruno, two sheepdogs, are lying down on the frosty Malvern Hills ridge
A frosty walk on the Malvern Hills for Shep and Bruno

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