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Halti - Who Goes There?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Much as I love life, I have a talent for getting into trouble and my humans don’t always understand me. I know that Shep does, but he is such a goody two paws and he always snitches on me. I can’t seem to get away with anything. You would think that I would be ‘free from scrutiny’ in the middle of the night when everyone is fast asleep but as soon as Shep hears anything amiss he goes upstairs and tells tales!!

I guess that I am getting more confident and although I passed my puppy training with flying colours, I have become a bit lax in my behaviours recently. -I don’t see the need to sit, lie down, stand or stay unless a treat is involved. As for walking on the lead – Julie just doesn’t walk fast enough for me – especially if the rest of the longer legged members of the pack are in front.

I can get so excited, and I tug, bark and bite at my lead. I find moving cars particularly exhilarating – especially when it is dark, and their headlight dazzle me and seem to chase me along the footpath.

However, my antics have not gone un-noticed. Often my walk takes me past the gates of Sue Harper, a local dog behaviourist and trainer. Sue had become quite concerned that Julie and the rest of the pack never looked very happy when we were out for a walk.

The solution to the problem was very easy. First of all, if I was allowed to walk in front, Julie could control the speed of the walk and I didn’t need to try to catch up with the rest of the pack.

Sue also suggested using a Halti headcollar – Julie has never been keen on this type of restraint because she thinks that it is too restrictive. However, I actually didn’t mind wearing it. It made me focus on the humans so much more and I loved earning all of the yummy training treats. Shep liked earning hem too and he was never very far away when Julie opened up her treat bag!!!

My walks were so much more relaxing after that, and it even helped Shep and I to stop fighting as to which of us goes through doorways and gateways first. This is so much more relaxing for all of us.

I confess that I find it very hard to be good – Try as I might, I can’t resist raiding the kitchen bins and rifling through the recycling bags. I am ruled by my nose, so every new smell is quite intoxicating.

A large green tree has appeared in our sitting room recently -it smells of the great outdoors and I adore trying to rub my head against the branches and knock the bright round baubles off it – I don’t understand why my humans have a problem with this? They certainly keep a very close eye on me.

Although I don’t always ‘get it right’ I think that I am getting it right more often and I am so proud of myself.

Bruno - young puppy prepares for training walk
Bruno the Sheep Dog Puppy

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