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Missed Class - Holidays By The Sea

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Two wet sheep dogs recover from their swim in the sea at Birling Gap -  Dogs are sitting on the pebbly beach
Bruno and Shep on Birling Gap beach, near Eastbourne, East Sussex

We missed week three because we were on holiday in East Sussex visiting Julie’s in-laws. Shep and I were on our best behaviour because Antony’s mum and dad are not used to having dogs around. Although Shep is used to coming here, this is my first time and I really wanted them to like me.

There were so many exciting places to explore both close to the cottage and a short drive away. The seasons were already changing and many of our walks led us past brambles laden with big juicy blackberries and I have taken rather a fancy to them.

We met horses on our walk by the cottage and one of them followed me and tried to make friends. It was quite scary although Rose did try to reassure me.

On one of our days in Sussex, we visited Birling Gap, the place where Julie and Antony had first met many years ago. Birling Gap is a very beautiful place – particularly in the summer and many local people come here to sunbathe, play on the beach or swim in the sea.

The beach is accessed by a tall metal staircase which has had to be repositioned over the years as the cliffs have eroded away. There are frequent rock falls and care has to be taken when walking below the cliffs.

We had a lovely walk on the cliffs although we kept well away from the cliff edge. We also had a saunter along the beach but, sadly, it was the wrong state of tide to paddle in the water today.- Never mind!!

When we got home from our holiday in Sussex, my puppy school homework sheet was waiting for me. Whilst I had been away, my puppy classmates had been taught how to ‘drop’ an object for their humans and also how to come back to them when called. Julie and I did try to practise the exercises – I think that I am quite good at recall – as long as I don’t get too distracted!!

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