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Puppy Comes Home

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Bruno the sheep dog puppy is carried in Julie's arms until he is vaccinated
10 week old Bruno comes to live in his new home

Hello – my name is Bruno, and I am a red welsh sheep dog puppy. I was born on a sheep farm in the hills above Aberystwyth and I stayed there with my mum, Bronwen, my dad, Gelert, and many of my siblings until I was ten weeks old.

My new humans collected me on a sunny afternoon in late June.

It was a very long car journey to my new home, but I wasn’t scared – just a bit bored. I didn’t like sitting still for so long.

My new home was very different to the farm. For one thing there was a very steep slope up the garden with great big steps that my little legs found hard to climb.

For another, the dog that lived here already didn’t seem to like me very much so matter how much I wagged my tail at him.

Two days after arriving in Malvern, I was taken to the vets for a check-over and my second vaccination. When Fiona, my vet, checked me over she discovered that I had six sheep ticks feeding off me- not surprising considering I was born on a sheep farm. I had probably picked them up when I had been running through the grass with my brothers and sisters.

Fiona gave my human some pills to give to me to make sure that I didn’t pick up any more parasites (ticks, fleas, or worms). She said that I could start to go out for walks after just one more week.

During that first week I spent a lot of time in the garden when I wasn’t sleeping. Shep, the other dog, kept his distance from me and every so often Julie, my human, and he would disappear for a time. I had no idea where they went to.

One week after my vaccination I accompanied Shep for my first walk. I was very excited. Now I could find out where Shep and Julie had been going to and everything was just so new to me. I was a little unsure about the lead that Julie attached to my collar but, as Shep was attached to a lead too, I wasn’t too worried. However, I was quite dismayed when Shep was allowed off his lead for a run by himself – I wonder how long it will be before I can be free too?

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