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Six months young!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I am now six months old. In the short time that I have been around I have learnt so much. But, there is always more for me to find out.

I feel so much more confident, and I know what I do and what I do not want or like. However, I do get things wrong a lot. I mean, why leave lovely warm rolls and cakes on the kitchen surface? Everyone else helps themselves – why not me?

And the rubbish bin – it says on the T.V. not to waste food – so what is the harm in me raiding the bin? Admittedly, I waited until everyone had gone to bed before diving into it, and I didn’t realise quite how noisy I was until I heard Julie thundering down the stairs. I tried to escape, but she caught me with my bottom sticking out of the bin and rubbish littered all over the kitchen floor – oops!

I absolutely adore food, and I will eat anything I can find – bread, cake, meat , but I also love fruit and vegetables. How my mouth waters when my humans are tucking into fresh fruit salad. I particularly enjoy ‘pick your own’ blackberries ‘ and I eat them straight off the bramble bush – yummy – I do make sure that I get my five-a-day!!

Sadly, I can’t be trusted outside either at the moment because I am either sitting in the plant pots emptying out all of the soil, or digging big holes in the borders. I am very brave and intrepid. Sometimes my humans go out of the front gate without me and I decided to see if I could jump over the front wall so that I could follow them. Wrong move – the wall was a bit too high and there was no way that I could get back . I just had to yelp at the gate to be let back in.

For the most part, I am very good at walking on my lead with Julie and Shep these days, but I get very excited when any of my human family join us on the walk . I can’t help barking and biting Shep. Shep doesn’t tell me off, although Julie wishes that he would. I know that both he and Julie get really annoyed with me. Julie is usually very patient. She knows that the calmer she is, the calmer I am.

My humans take Shep and I on lots of different and interesting walks and Julie tries to give me as many positive life experiences as possible. Sometimes they make me over excited, but after all I am only a little puppy learning to live in the big wide world.

Bruno - red welsh sheep dog puppy stands on top of Malvern Hills ridge - with Severn plain behind him
Bruno on top of Malvern Hills

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