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Puppy Play - Come and Stay - Week Four

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

It felt good to be back in class with my puppy mates. Both Chester - the golden Labrador and I had been away on holiday last week so I didn't feel so behind the rest of the class.

There were all kinds of activities to do. Rachel gave Julie two identical socks and balls so that I could practise ‘drop’. Basically, she played with one of the socks with me and then told me to drop it whilst distracting me with the other one. It was great fun, but I was a bit too fast I think. I get very excited.

One of the other teachers, Kim, had brought her two dogs in today and they were up on the stage. As part of our class, we were allowed to meet one of them. Yippee!! I love meeting new friends. I would have liked to have played though!!

Of course, we did lots of loose lead walking again – It is so important that our humans don’t allow us to pull because one lapse in training can confuse us into thinking that we don’t need to be patient to get what we want.

Our humans can’t expect us to get things right unless they teach us to do so.

I really enjoyed practicing recall. Julie had to leave a handful of scrummy food on the floor, let me off the lead and then call me as soon as I had eaten all of the food. It was hard for the humans to work out how much food to throw down – one of them put down too much, one not enough but, in spite of this, we all were keen to run to our owners when we were called. What a great game!!

Olive, Black Labrador puppy sits by her owner during puppy class waiting patiently for the next activity
Olive, the Black Labrador puppy sits patiently during Puppy class

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