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Week Two - Loose Leads in Straight Lines?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I was really excited today because Tom came too. What were we going to do?

It was great to see all of the other puppies. I found it hard not to pull Julie and Tom to meet them - especially Shelby the Border Collie. The main thrust of today’s class was to strengthen the bond between our humans and us. We needed to learn to ‘check-in’ with them so that we didn’t get things wrong and make mistakes. We can rely on our humans to look ahead for us and predict what might happen so that we don’t get into trouble.

We also spent lots of time practising our loose lead walking. I find it so easy when I am in puppy class. It is much harder to do outside. For one thing I walk much faster than Julie or any of my human family. For another, I don’t like walking in a straight line. How can I investigate all of the interesting smells if I can’t move from one side to another?

However, Julie is very insistent and encourages me with lots of scrummy treat and a click from the clicker, and I am getting better at walking by her side. I do all my exploring when she lets me off the lead although I never like to go too far away from her. It is quite a big, scary world.

Shelby the Border Collie puppy, rests in-between training activities at Puppy School
Shelby, the sheep dog puppy

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